What's happening and when?

What is NumberTen?

NumberTen is a house in Worsley Mesnes, Wigan which is used to bless God, to bless Worsley Mesnes and to bless individuals living there and in Wigan as a whole.
That sounds a bit vague, but in practice it means that it's a resource to be used to help people practically and spiritually. So far it has been used as emergency accommodation for a homeless couple, to house a group of Koreans when they came to pray for Wigan, and for various meetings and gatherings.

If you would like to use NumberTen, know someone who might be able to make use of it, have any questions about it or what goes on there or would like to get involved in what's happening then please get in touch.

Where is NumberTen?

NumberTen Longfellow Close, WN3 5YB. It's off Blake Close, near to the Wheel (the derelict pub on Worsley Mesnes Drive).
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Get in touch

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Who & why

At New Wine summer festival in 2014 Jes and Sam felt God tell them to buy a house. Shortly after the house opposite them went up for sale, and so they bought NumberTen in November 2014.

Unsure of what to do with it they prayed and talked to people, getting in touch with various local and national organisations. As a result they got to know a lot of local Christians, including Rev Neil Cook of St. Paul's Goose Green, Rev Will Gibbons of St. Mark's Newton, Chevon Taylor of TCC Life, and loads more people.

Neil asked if NumberTen could house a group of Koreans for a week during the summer of 2015, as they were over here to spend a week praying for Wigan. Shortly before that happened another use of the house popped up.

Jes and Sam had been speaking to Chevon about the purpose of NumberTen, and as part of that conversation emergency accommodation was mentioned. About then, and unknown to that small group, a homeless couple were sleeping on the steps outside of a church elsewhere in Wigan. The vicar let them in, but this was only a temporary solution. Chevon heard from the vicar that accommodation was needed, and remembered that Jes and Sam had said about emergency accommodation.

David and Bernie stayed at NumberTen until they were given a council flat of their own, other than the week when the Koreans came to pray. Shortly afterwards David became a Christian.

There is much more to the story than has been recorded here, and it's just the beginning of the story of NumberTen. If you'd like to know more or get involved then please contact us.